On September 15th, 2021, Camplify updated their Accident Excess Reduction pricing and inclusions. The new prices and inclusions are reflected on the website here.

Members who upgraded their Accident Excess prior to September 15th, 2021, are covered by the excess levels, prices and inclusions from before the update. These prices, excess levels and inclusions are outlined below:

CampervanExcess (1)$2,000$1,000$250
Cost per day$0$15$29
MotorhomeExcess (1)$3,500$1,000$250
Cost per day$0$15$35
Driveable off roadExcess (1)$1,500$1,000$250
Cost per day$0$18$22
Towable on roadExcess (1)$3,000$1,000$250
Cost per day$0$19$29
Towable off roadExcess (1)$1,000$1,000$250
Cost per day$0$10$15
Tow VehicleExcess (1)$2,000$1,000$250
Cost per day$0$15$29
DeliverExcess (1)$1,000$500$250
Cost per day$0$10$15
StayExcess (1)$500--
Cost per day$0--
Also includes
Windscreen replacement (3)
Tyre replacement (4)

(1) Maximum Excess per event /incident

(2) If you are under 25 you have to pay an additional $600 excess

(3) Standard front vehicle windscreen

(4) Per damaged tyre fitted and balanced