Many owners are aware of their vehicle weights but have you made it clear for your hirers?
We all know what it is like loading up for the big camping trip.

Every van, camper trailer, campervan and motorhome have specific manufactures requirements in regards to legal weights.  It is very important that all hirers are aware of what they can take on Holiday. This is most important for towable vehicles so the team have put together a few great points below.

How much does my van weigh?

We encourage all owners to be aware of the below weights in relation to their Van or Camper Trailer

Tare Weight (Weight of your Van when it is empty) 
ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) Maximum Allowable Loaded Weight Including All Contents and Ball Weight 

GTM (Gross Trailer Mass) Maximum weight resting on tyres only (Not Including Ball Weight). 

The manufacturer will have these stamped on your compliance plate. 

It is also best practice to load the usual items you provide for hirers in the van and be able to confidently advise hirers of your van weight on a standard departure. EG: If you provide 1 Full Gas Bottle, 2 Full Water Tanks, BBQ, Chairs/Table, and Stocked Items. These all contribute to the hirer's weight on departure

Being clear on the weight of your van during handover allows you to confidently advise all guests of their allowable payload. Eg: How much weight they have for Clothes, Bags, Toys and additional gear hirers want to bring.

We want all hirers to have a great time and owners to feel their van is in safe hands.
Being confident in weights and allowing room for hirers is key to a great trip. Loading a van to maximum weights or towing over the limits of your ATM can cause unnecessary damage on the tow vehicle and breach legal requirements,

Tow Ball Weight: This is also just important for owners and hirers. Every owner should be aware of what their Tow Ball Weight is on a standard departure. This weight contributes to the Total mass allowance. There are many scales that can be purchased at a reasonable cost and kept at home. Every hirer will have a manufactures limit on their tow ball and it is the hirer's responsibility to make sure the van is suitable and meets legal requirements.

The best practice is for owners to confirm which tow vehicle and towing capacity will be used prior to approving the booking. There are many sites that assist in confirming specific makes/models/years such as This avoids any last-minute issues upon pick up and ensures everyone stays safe and has a great holiday.

Camplify Hiring Terms and Conditions

  1. Hirers must operate the Camplify Equipment in line with the owners and manufactures instructions
  2. ensure it is not overloaded
  3.  Full Details in Camplify Hiring Terms

Failure to act in the manner outlined above may be considered by camplify to be a rental breach and therefore the hirer will be responsible for damages caused by this.

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