We appreciate that circumstances can change and that you may need to cancel your booking.

A paid booking is deemed as canceled when the hirer or owner cancels the booking through the Camplify Dashboard. The entitlements for both parties are determined by the "cancellation policy" specified on the booking and the day that the booking was canceled.

When the booking has been canceled, both parties will be notified. This generates a process for the Camplify team to follow to apply credits/ refunds for the booking.

This only applies to bookings with payments that have been processed. If you haven't paid, you can cancel at any time with no penalty.

What are the rules on canceling?

Hirers who cancel a confirmed (paid) booking are subject to the cancellation policy of the owner they booked with. Each van owner can choose between three cancellation policies

  • Flexible
  • Moderate
  • Strict

Each of these policies has conditions for "Change of mind" cancellations and "Government restrictions" cancellations.

If your booking is canceled due to travel restrictions imposed by the government (eg. due to COVID-19) then you classify as a 'government restriction' cancellation.

Camplify Cancellation policies https://www.camplify.com.au/Cancellation-policies

FAQ - What is the Cancellation Policy?

How to cancel


  1. Login to your Camplify Owners App
  2. Go to “Bookings” on the bottom menu
  3. Select “Upcoming”
  4. Select the booking you wish to cancel
  5. Select “Cancel Booking” at the bottom of the screen
  6. Click “Yes”


  1. Click on "View the booking Request"
  2. Click the "Cancel" button at the top of the booking
  3. Select a reason and "Save"