What to do if I am involved in an accident?

  1. Make sure your entire party is safe

  2. Call emergency services immediately on 000 and request either Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance.

  3. If emergency services are called and the RV needs to be towed, in many cases a tow company will often be organised by emergency services

  4. Call the owner and explain what has happened. The owner will have advice about what should happen next for their RV, they may wish for it to be towed back to their location for repairs or other alternatives. Always engage the owner on decisions involving their van

  5. Take down the details of any third party involved, name, phone number, address, drivers licence details, registration of the car, the year, make & model

  6. Note the time, date and street location of the accident

  7. Call Camplify on 1300 416 133 and let us know what has occurred and we can assist in helping you work through the next steps.