Critical Advice For Owners

We want you to feel confident that your van is protected and in good hands whenever you share it via Camplify.  Unfortunately, we all know that accidents can happen, but there are steps that you can take to minimise the risk of this damage happening, and avoid your van being off the road for repairs. We want to ensure that you can complete all the bookings you have in this busy Christmas & New Year period. 


The first part of our guide addresses the four most common and avoidable types of damage that happen during a booking including:

  1. Awnings
  2. Damage/collisions when the hirer is parking or moving the RV
  3. Incorrect fuel type
  4. Stone chips

These are just as important when doing a Deliver booking. Always meet hirers and give them the same run through.


There are three primary types of awning that you will find on vans on Camplify: Roll-out awnings, Wind-out awnings or Bag awnings. 

As you know, awnings can be very fragile, especially in high winds, in a large downpour and when set up incorrectly.

It is very important that during your handover, you spend plenty of time showing your hirer how to use the awning and when they should take it down. Also, be sure to make them aware that this is the most common item to be broken during a booking and that there is a significant cost to replacing one. This is also equally important when doing a drop off, as both parties are liable. 

The vast majority of the damage to awnings are caused by being left up during adverse weather conditions; strong winds and/or rain can damage the arms of the awning, tear the canvas or even damage the body of the van. So we recommend reminding your hirers of the importance of keeping an eye on the weather throughout their holiday via the BOM Weather app or another trusted source

In advance of each booking, feel free to send them a link to our YouTube channel, where we have a playlist dedicated to how to set up and put away each type of awning. You can find our awning-related YouTube videos here. Alternatively, if your holidaymakers may be heading to an area with poor phone signal, you could consider getting them to film you demonstrating putting the awning up during the handover.

How to steps

  1. Show the hirer where the awning is stored
  2. Direct the hirer to set up the awning with you providing all instructions clearly
  3. Tell the hirers the situations that they need to remove the awning
  4. Ask the hirer to put away the awning

Damage/collisions when the hirer is maneuvering the RV

Damage, scratches and dents caused when moving the van around a park/campsite account for over a third of avoidable damage claims. Panel damage can be very expensive to repair and getting into a repairer to do the work could take several months.  We want to avoid you having your RV out of action.  

The importance of a ‘Spotter’

The BEST way to avoid damage like this, is to make sure that your hirer is using a 'spotter' - someone from their group who can be outside the vehicle to guide them when moving or reversing the van. This significantly reduces the risk of reversing into something or incurring small scratches/dents from posts/poles/branches etc.

Be sure to go through this with your hirers during the handover, and recommend that they use the vehicle’s bluetooth connection to maintain clear, phone communication between the driver & spotter throughout the manoeuvre.

Camplify is for everyone, even first time caravan users. Camplify highly recommends however that owners screen their hirers before approving a booking. Before you approve a booking inquire about towing experience, towing capacity of the vehicle and the braking systems. In addition, all hirers should be asked where they are intending to go on their trip and their itinerary. Remember you’re in complete control of who you hire to and where they can and can’t go. There are other solutions to hirers who haven't hired before, we recommend offering drop-off solutions for inexperienced towers, where you can suggest a fee to tow and set up your van at a local campsite of their choice.

How to steps

  1. Check the RV mirrors and reversing lights
  2. Show the hirer how to adjust them
  3. Inform you hirer about having a spotter when they are moving and reversing the RV
  4. Recommend that they use the vehicle’s Bluetooth connection to maintain clear, phone communication between the driver & spotter throughout the manoeuvre.

Incorrect fuel type

In reality, this is not that common, however, the impact is significant both in terms of cost and the time your van will be off the road for repairs.

To eliminate the risk of this happening, make sure there is a sticker on your fuel cap that specifies the type of fuel that the hirer must use, and point this out during your handover.

Stone chips

In reality, stone chip damage can occur over the entire booking even when hirers are only on sealed roads. This can occur from when hirers need to move over for road trains or vehicles in front flick up stones. 

This type of damage can be avoided if you simply put a stone shield on the front of your Van. Further measures can be made to protect your Van, we suggest using pool noodles cut in half to protect the undercarriage and including instructions to the hirer to seal the Van for red dust.

Handover is crucial

Over the busy summer period, it’s more important than ever before to ensure a thorough pre and post hire process to keep you and your van protected. Please ensure you use the Camplify app to do your pre hire and post hire checklists.

To avoid hirers rushing to get on their holidays, be sure to manage their expectations in advance that both pre and post hire checks will take up to an hour. Be certain to demonstrate all the key elements of your van, especially fiddly elements such as awnings, pop-tops, window locks and the hitching up process. Consider asking hirers to have a go of some of these fiddly processes or ask that they film you to make sure they feel comfortable when out on the road.  

For extra peace of mind, many of our community provide hirers with a printed manual including some of the specifics of their van, such as fuel type, yours and Camplify’s contact information, and the processes to follow in the event of any damage or accidents.

This is just as important when doing a Deliver booking. Always meet hirers and give them the same run through.

Where possible, try to avoid back-to-back bookings on the same day to ensure there’s enough time for thorough vehicle checks, cleaning and preparing for the next hirer.

Ask for help

Remember our team is here to support you throughout your hiring journey, so for any questions or concerns give us a call on 1300 416 133. Our Camplify Owners Facebook group is also a useful resource, with many members sharing advice and their handover process.