All Camplify Vans are strictly prohibited to go Off-Road unless you have received permission in writing from the owner to take that van off-road, and they are aware of the destination and route you are traveling.

Please Note:  While many of our Vans are able to be taken on corrugated roads, there are some additional precautions that must be taken:

We encourage both owners and hirers to sign Camplifys Off-Road Checklist at the time of hand over. This is an additional document that provides clarity and clear expectations of where the van is going whilst on hire and the condition required on return. 

We want all our hirers to have a great time while away and to do that we advise you to discuss with the owner regarding the suitability and inclusions of the vehicle for offroad travel.



Tips for driving on corrugated roads

  • Slow down.
    Travelling at high speed increases the chances of damage both through stone chips and underbody damage to pipework and gas fittings, suspension and tyres. Hirers will be fully liable for these costs. Depending on road conditions you may need to travel as slow as 20-30km per hour. 
  • Tyre Pressure 
    You may need to deflate your tyres, this may be between 25-30 psi depending on how rough the terrain is.
  • Beware of oncoming traffic, particularly road trains
    You will need to slow right down and move over to let them through, they will not move over for you. 
  • Beware of dust
    Dust can cause very limited visibility, again slow down and maintain a safe distance between other vehicles, sometimes 40 metres may be necessary. It is recommended that you cover the vents for the Van, this will assist with keeping the inside clean. Please do not cover the fridge vent if you are operating it whilst underway.  
  • Always drive within your capability.
  • Allow extra time to get to your destination and travel short distances. 
  • Do not drive between dusk and dawn when wildlife is most active.
  • Adjust gear range to suit conditions.
  • Take a break every 2hrs. 
  • Slow down for any blind corners and hill crests as off-road terrain can be unpredictable. 
  • Stay on tracks and share remote travel routes with local authorities. 
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks or endanger your passengers and other road users. 
  • At all times remember your responsibilities. 
    If you need assistance in restricted areas, additional costs may be incurred. 
  • At all times remember your responsibilities to get the RV back to the owner under your hiring contract, The RV may not be left in any remote location as this would be considered “abandonment” and is full breach of hiring terms and conditions   
  • At certain times adverse weather and road conditions can result in travel restrictions being enforced. 
    We encourage you to contact Camplify on 1300 416 133 if you have any concerns about the area you are planning to drive through. Alternatively, the police or local authorities are also able to help.


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