All Camplify Vans are strictly prohibited to go on the beach unless you have received permission in writing from the owner to take that van off-road, and they are aware of the destination and route you are traveling.

Please Note:  While many of our Vans are able to be taken to beach destinations there are some additional precautions that must be taken:

We encourage both owners and hirers to sign Camplifys Offroad Checklist at the time of hand over. This is an additional document that provides clarity and clear expectations of where the van is going whilst on hire and the condition required on return.



We want all our hirers to have a great time while away and to do that we advise you to discuss with the owner regarding the suitability and inclusions of the vehicle for offroad travel.

Tips for driving on beaches

  • Slow Down! Soft sand can cause less control and swaying. 
  • Tyre Pressures: You should always lower your tyre pressures in both the vehicle and towing vehicle, this will assist with getting more tread on the sand and reduce your chance of being stuck. We usually recommend around 16-20 psi depending on how soft the sand is.
  • Water Crossings: Always test depths of water crossing before entering. If the water level comes up above the height of the Van door, or if there are high currents, do not cross.
  • Tide Times: Alway plan your trip around tide times, we do not recommend traveling on the beach 2 hours on either side of high tide ie. If you become stuck, you may not have time to get out and may lose both your vehicle and the Van. 

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