At any time, you can see the booking or message the owner through your Camplify Dashboard. 

  1. A pop up will appear where Camplify is asking you to "Login" or "Signup" to make a booking inquiry.


  1. You will be directed to your “Dashboard”

  2. Click on “Bookings”

  3. Go to "Bookings" on the right hand side of the screen



  1.  You can see there are sections of "Pending", "Approved", "Paid" and "Completed"

Example: this booking has been "Paid", so it will appear in the paid section.

  1. You will see the "View Booking request" button that will open up the booking.

  2. You can then click "View Booking Request" and "Send message" to the owner or "Cancel" if necessary.

  3. You can now message the Owner of the RV. 

  4. If you want to message the owner, you now have a direct line of communication to them through this booking. 

  5. You can "Send Message" and it will be sent to the owner as an email and app notification. 

  6. If you ever need help with your booking you will need to read through our help articles or call Camplify support. 

  7. You will be asked to quote the "Booking ID" - this is listed on each RV booking.