Whether you have a high daily rate or an overall large fee, you can create your customer experience and it will help to convert the booking. You can add your own ideas and flavour to your customer experience. However, if you add too much cost, you will see no profit for your effort.

So ask yourself... what do you have in abundance or can get cheaply that you can add value?

Higher cost

  • Adding an extra night for free

  • 10% off the whole trip
  • Wine and cheese
  • Fully stocked pantry - butter, oil, tea, sugars spices
  • Tents or swags¬†
  • Gazebo¬†
  • Full linen, doona, pillows, throw and towels
  • Hamper
  • Free delivery - within 50kms

Medium cost

  • Esky with 2 beers in it
  • Boardgames - Finska, Kubb
  • Free delivery to a local caravan park - within 10kms
  • Free early pickup, late drop off
  • Annex included
  • Beach games

Low cost

  • Free linen - bed sheets
  • Tarp - could connect a group of friends together
  • Colouring in pencils and book

No cost

  • A list of camping sites in your area
  • Your recommendations for new hidden spots