Yes, you can postpone a booking easily with Camplify. 

What does a postpone mean?

Postponing is different to a cancellation, the booking will still go ahead, just at a different time.

So the price, payments, and conversation remain, however, the dates change. 

If a new date hasn't been set, it's common to move to a new date several months in the future and then edit them again when a firm date is decided.

What is a good reason to postpone instead of cancel?

  • Event date changes
  • Emergency 
  • Health reasons
  • Personal family reasons
  • Extreme weather is forecast

Positive Situation example - 

The hirer has significant personal reasons which means the trip can't go ahead as planned. You generously offer to postpone, they find a new time a month later. The book new dates and have their holiday, they are super grateful and give you a glowing 5 Star Review.

What happens to the payments if you postpone?

As Camplify holds all funds until the beginning of the booking, there are no financial repercussions to the owner or hirer.

What are the negative ramifications?

There are a number of factors to consider before deciding to postpone.

  • Firstly, the time you will need to spend with the hirer has increased
  • The dates will need to be decided - again
  • If you use a placeholder date, you will need to continue to communicate with the hirer to find a new date
  • If you move the date and then they choose to cancel, the cancelation policy is deemed at the time of the cancel, even if you have generously moved the date. 

What are not good reasons to postpone instead of cancel?

  • They changed their mind and no longer want to travel
  • They want to cancel really close to the booking and realized that their cancelation policy won't give them money back

Negative situation example - 

So your hirers books in January for Christmas, then in November, they decided to postpone until next Christmas. Then suddenly cancel. So you've spent effort communicating for several months, the hirer is entitled to a full refund and you've got no official way to leave a review. 

How to postpone?

Follow the same process for the FAQ - How do I adjust my booking?