The Pre-Hire and Post-Hire Checklists are mandatory forms about the condition of the RV. 

They gather an accurate condition report of your RV at the time of the hire - like when you sign a lease to a house. 

Owners complete the Checklist on the App at the "Handover" and it should take 20 minutes to complete. Your handover can be longer and explains how to use your RV to the hirer.

The Pre-Hire Checklist 

You will need to complete the Pre-Hire checklist with the hirer at the handover/ commencement of the hire. Make sure both parties thoroughly inspect the RV during this time to avoid any potential post-hire discrepancies.

The pre-hire checklist is critical for any hires that have taken place and subsequently require an insurance claim. This documentation is used to support any claims made by the owner/hirer.  Without completion of this document, Camplify may not be able to support the recovery of the bond or a smooth insurance claim.  

  • You will complete the form with the owner and hirer both in attendance.
  • You take photos using your phone camera WHILST you are filling out the checklist on the app. 
  • Photos must be live and you are not able to upload from old photos

FAQ - What is a pre-hire checklist?

FAQ - How do I do the Pre-Hire Checklist?

The Handover

This process takes between 15 to 60 mins to complete (all depending on the complexity of the van). This time should be allocated for the hirer and owner to ensure appropriate care is taken once the van is handed over.

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FAQ - How do I do a handover?

The Post Hire

When the hirer returns the van, the owner will complete the post-hire checklist. The owner has 48 hours to complete a thorough inspection of the RV looking for damage or unexpected uncleanliness.

FAQ - What is a Post-Hire Checklist?

FAQ - How do I do the Post-Hire Checklist?

Help, I'm having issues!

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What about if I can't do the Pre or Post Hire online?

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As always, if you need more help, please call Camplify 1300 416 133