No, Camplify operates on a 24 hour day billing period, so you are able to have 1 booking per day.

When did the policy change?

We changed in 2020 from "Nights" to "Days" for a booking. This has meant that previously, the RV could be hired, dropped off by the hirer, cleaned and then sent out on another booking the same day. 

FAQ - Why am I charged per day? 

What happens if my hirer drops off early?

The hirer has already been charged for the full 24 hour period, so if they choose to bring it back earlier they are not technically eligible for any reimbursement.

What happens if the hirer wants to pick up the day before the booking starts?

Insurance with Camplify relies on having accurate information about who and when the RV is on hire. You must add all days that the RV is on hire through Camplify. Many owners offer early pick up free of charge, however, you are not obliged as they do have access to the RV. You are able to amend your booking easily through Camplify. 

FAQ - How do I amend the Booking dates/ price?

Can I manually add another booking to the same day? 

No, we do not allow owners to charge for two bookings on one day.