Yes, long term hires are possible through Camplify.

Camplify is more commonly known for short holidays, however so Long Term Hires are infrequent.

However, owners love them and hirers are often able to negotiate cheaper rates.  Long-term hires are fantastic for owners, as they only require one handover. In many cases the owner will do a commercial clean at the end of the hire period, for a more thorough clean and the cost can be negotiated.

Long-term hires will commonly be for reasons below:

  • Isolation Booking / Bushfire or Flooding Relief
  • Replacement/Temporary accommodation
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Extra accommodation for family/friends
  • Bookings paid for my large insurance companies
  • One-way trips
  • Interstate bookings
  • "The Lap" - A big trip around Australia

Am I eligible for a reduced rate?

Yes, it's possible, but it's not a requirement of our owners to reduce their rates for long term hires.

Most owners on the platform offer discounts between 10-50% for long-term hires. This is always negotiated between the hirer/owner and is not something Camplify has authority over. 

How do I find owners willing to offer long term hires?

We don't currently have a search filter for this, however most owners are open to the possibility. 

If you you are welcome to call our team to help you.

FAQ - Can I book a one way hire?