Yes, the owner must be present on drop off and pick up.

Owners are required to complete a Pre Hire and Post Hire Check on every booking. 

These checklists are compulsory for Insurance and confirm that you have provided thorough instructions and your hirer is confident in the steps to tow and operate your vehicle correctly.

Note: If a claim is made and the pre/post-hire has not been submitted to camplify the claim will not be accepted.

The "Hand Over" process is a great chance to build trust and report with your hirers and ensures the booking begins smoothly.

FAQ - Where can I find the pre-hire and post-hire checklists?

What happens if I can't be there? 

If you are unavailable, you must have a trusted manager or representative that is aware of your hand over the process and can complete the pre-hire or post-hire checklist confidently. They will need to complete the online course like you did in order to be deemed capable. If you trust someone, and they do it incorrectly, this is reflected upon you and it may make it more difficult if any damage is involved.

FAQ - How can I reduce the chance of damage?

What do I do at a Hand Over?

  1. Provide a thorough "Hand Over" while walking around your vehicle
  2. Emphasize on areas that are prone to high traffic or damage. 
    1. Full Awning Demonstration
    2. Bathroom Instructions and Emptying the Toilet. Clear Expectations on Cleaning Fee
    3. Hand Brake if Towable Vehicle
    4. Close Air Vents
    5. Wind Down TV Antenna
    6. Close Windows and all Cabniterary 
    7. How to Full Water Tanks
    8. Type of Fuel
    9. Clip Fly Screen and Door Together Tight
    10. Cleaning Requirments
  3. Discuss Trip Plans, Always great if the guest is going to a nice destination. People like to send photos of setup
  4. Provide confidence that if they have any questions it is always best to call you.
  5. Discuss any concerns regarding safety, if they need you to repeat any steps during the hand over
  6. Provide a guide for them to take with the caravan, a hand over can be a lot of information to take in over a short period. A lot of our successful owners provide a guide book with set up steps and photos. This can also be a few laminated sheets displayed in the vehicle. 
  7. Wish them a great adventure