Updated as of August 10th, 2020.

Please note that as the COVID situation changes, please follow government rulings.

Yes, It is still possible for Camplify vans to be booked for social distancing and self-isolation purposes during this time. 

These bookings include:
  • Additional bedrooms at customers’ houses
  • Mobile offices at home
  • Emergency accommodation for workers
  • On-site accommodation for staff
  • Backyard pop-up camping
For these bookings, it’s up to individual van owners to speak with their hirers to make informed decisions and only accept bookings that they feel comfortable with.

Please note: If you need to travel to drop off your van, but there are still travel restrictions in your region, you can use our Travel Waiver Letter to give to the police 
(Contact our Customer Service team if you would like a copy). 

This will outline that you are providing an essential service on behalf of Camplify and that your travel is therefore essential.

FAQ - Camplify Cleaning COVID 19 Guide 

If you have any questions in relation to a self-isolation booking please contact our 

Customer Service Team on 1300 416 133