Updated as of August 10th, 2020.

Please note that as the COVID situation changes, please follow government rulings.

Camplify's number one priority is to help support people to enjoy a holiday again once they’re ready - recognizing that we’re all going to need and want one once it’s safe to travel.

Please review our cancellation and extenuating circumstances policies before you cancel.

What are the Camplify Cancellation Policies?

If you choose to make a new booking for a holiday it’s important to understand that Camplify is a peer-to-peer platform and each owner decides on the Cancelation policy relevant to their RV. These policies explain what happens if you choose not to travel or you are unable due to government restrictions. We have the policy to allow for both "change of mind" cancellations and cancellations due to "government restrictions".

FAQ - What is the Cancellation Policy?

FAQ - Can I cancel a booking?

What are the Extenuating Circumstances?

We have also declared an "Extenuating Circumstances Policy" to account for the Policy Changes due to Extenuating Circumstances and individual States' travel requirements.

Camplify has the right to declare Extenuating Circumstances. In 2020, Camplify has declared an Extenuating Circumstance in relation to Government advisement for travel during COVID 19.

FAQ - What are the Extenuating Circumstances?

What are you entitled to get credited/refunded?

The Cancellation Policy that you are eligible for is determined on the date of the cancellation request via our booking platform. 

Any cancellation that has been discussed offline or via the phone must be followed up through the correct process above or we can not guarantee the refund or credit can be applied.


Credits are Camplify wide and are valid for 24 months from the issue date.

If your booking permits a credit this will be applied against your account automatically.

FAQ - How to use your credits


If your booking permits a refund then the team will act as a priority. All refunds and cancellations can take up to 14 days from the time your cancellation request is submitted. When the Refund has been processed please allow 7 days for funds to clear depending on your financial institution.

FAQ - How long does it take to process a refund?

When did the policies change?

Bookings made on or after May 27th 2020 are subject to the cancellation policy selected by the van owner at the time of booking. The amount of credit that you will receive is outlined within each policy.

Bookings that were made prior to May 26th 2020 will be classed under our previous cancellation policy.

Policy changes Update - https://www.camplify.com.au/cancellation-policies  

For any questions regarding your booking, our friendly customer service team is here to support and can be contacted on 1300 416 133.