Understandably, your hirers may need to take the motorhome, campervan, or caravan through tolled roads to get to their destinations.  

If you are aware of the area or route then please discuss with the hirer at the time of hand over.

A lot of our owners have E Tags in their vehicles where applicable. 

This makes the small charges quicker and easier to keep track of.

All our owners have the ability to charge a "Service Fee" within their listing and this fee applys to all hirers and is there to cover 

  • Small incidentals
  • Cleaning products
  • Restock gas bottles
  • Road tolls 

The service fee is usually $25-$100 depending on the vehicle and inclusions for the hire. The majority of road tolls are very minimal and owners choose to absorb these in their fee as above.

Camplify advises all owners to discuss the tolls with the hirer prior to departure or set a standard process that is easy to follow. 

An E tag is the best way to keep track of any tolls and full details can be found here  Linkt

If you have not arranged an E-tag prior to the hire, and your toll notice is higher than expected THAT'S OK 

  • The owed payments can be deducted from your hirers bond on the return of the vehicle
  • Our Team will inform the Hirer upon receiving a Toll Notice from the vehicle owner.
  • All owners are required to complete a Post Hire Check List, if Tolls are required the owner must report this within the checklist. 
  • You will need to attach a copy of the Toll Notice (Time and Date Stamped )and your Booking ID

For Full Details See Hiring Contract

If you have any questions regarding specific areas or toll roads please contact Customer Service on 1300 416 133