If you deliver the RV on the day of the booking start, then yes, you are covered for accidents as you have a full 24 hours of coverage and can deliver at any time.

Accidents and Insurance for RV Delivery

Flexible Members

You are only covered from the start date of the booking by Camplify. 

Your external insurance will cover you for any other times, but it will not be considered part of the hire unless it's within the booking time frame. 

Many owners drop off the night before, you will need to amend your booking to reflect this to be covered by insurance. 

See - How do I amend the Booking dates/ price?

Premium Members

If you are dropping off the RV before the official start date and you are a Premium Member, you will be covered at any time as part of your personal coverage. 

Roadside Assistance

No, owners are not covered for delivery or setup.

We do not provide roadside assistance for owners, their personal tow vehicle or their RV's. 

We only provide roadside assistance to hirers. 

See - Why the NRMA Roadside Assist is not included for Premium Members?