Why does Camplify require the Pre-Hire checklist to be done on the app?

Camplify requires all owners to use our App to complete their Pre / Post-Hire Checklists, as you are asked to do it in the presence of your hirer. This allows both parties to have a record of evidence in the event of damage. We have created the app, as a safe and secure way to complete the checklist with your hirer. 

Please follow our detailed instructions on how to complete the Pre-Hire correctly.

FAQ - What is a pre-hire checklist?

FAQ - How do I do the Pre-Hire Checklist?

If you have any trouble with the pre-hire checklist and securing photos please contact the team prior to allowing your hirer to leave with your van. The team can advise you on the individual situation and ensure your van is insured prior to departure Customer Service 1300 416 133

Help! My Pre-Hire photos haven't saved!

The app is new and there may be issues to resolve. Our team has done vigorous testing and written about how to use the app in the FAQs for each task.

In the event that you have attempted to do the Pre-Hire Checklist and it's not working. Please see our "Trouble shooting" section. Then you will need to fill out the backup Pre-Hire Checklist to remain covered.

If the hirer is still there - 

If you find that your photos have not saved or you have an error within the app during the hand over we ask owners to 

  1. Take extra photos of their vehicle using your phone - 10+ images of internal and external features 
  2. Take photo of the hirer's driver's license 
  3. You can log in and do the backup Pre-Hire Checklist. *Instructions below*

If the hirer has left already - 

Call the hirer, ask them to pull over and take photos for you immediately.

  • Take 10+ photos of their vehicle - both internal and external features on their normal phone
  •  The hirer's driver's license + any additional drivers
  • They send it all to you
  • You send an email to support@camplify.com.au - with the subject heading "ATTN - Pre-Hire Checklist"

Is there a backup Pre-Hire Checklist?

Yes, Camplify has a backup Pre-hire Checklist to ensure that your insurance is activated through our online form. 

This form has always been sent to owners via email + listed on the booking.

  1. Login to Camplify Dashboard
  2. Click on "Bookings"
  3. Find the booking for the current hire
  4. You will see "Pre - Hire Checklist" at the top of screen. 
  5. It will open an online form for you to fill out. 
  6. You can upload your images here. 
  7. It will send a copy to Camplify for your insurance. 

Troubleshooting with the App

  1. Log out, then close the app + restart
  2. Make sure you have an updated version
    As with all technology and innovation, there will be times updates are made available via the app store. We remind all owners to regularly download the available updates to maximize the benefits and new features made available.
  3. If you try these options, then call Camplify and we will talk with you about your individual circumstance