Yes, Camplify verifies a bond from the hirer.

Camplify verifies a liability deposit for all hires that take place through our system. 

The Liability Deposit is required as a deposit upon the collection of your vehicle.

The Liability Deposit will become a pending transaction from the credit card supplied (all funds processed against your card).
The dollar amount is determined by the Accident Excess Reduction (AER) package option selected. This will appear as a pending transaction on your credit card for the duration of your hire, as well as 48 hours before and 48 hours after your hire.

Camplify holds this liability deposit until the owner has submitted the Post Hire Checklist as above. When it's confirmed there is no damage, the liability deposit is returned in full to the hirer.

If damage occurs reported in the Post Hire Checklist, we will hold onto the liability deposit until the issue is resolved. 

For full details of Accident Excess Options please see Camplify Accident Excess Reduction

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If you have any questions about a specific situation please contact the 

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