Camplify connects owners of RVs (caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, 4WD campers and campervans) with people wanting to hire one for their holiday. We provide a platform that gives both parties the ability to transact safely, easily while always remaining insured.

The listings on our site are owned by everyday RV owners - who love camping and want to make money by sharing their van safely and securely through Camplify. 

To assist you, Camplify has created in-depth Frequently Asked Questions in each country. 

Camplify Support Centre

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  • What is Camplify?
  • How do I make a booking?
  • Paying for a booking 
  • Hirer Protection and Damage 
  • Setting up your RV listing 

  • General Insurance and Damage

  • Camplify GPS Tracker

  • How to use to Camplify App 

Where is the Help Page?

In the top right of Camplifys Home Page - You will see "Help" This will direct you to our solutions page.

How to ask for more help?

If you are an owner or hirer and you require assistance you can enter your question through the "Contact Us" form on Camplify. 

This message will be sent to the correct department within Camplify and our Team will act upon all queries within a reasonable time frame. 

Before you contact us, we encourage you to have a thorough look through the FAQ'S that our team has created.

How do I Contact Camplify?

  1. Scroll to the bottom of ANY Camplify page on the website
  2. You will see the below, click "Contact us" on the bottom right corner
  3. You will be directed to add the information regarding your query. 
    1. Please provide significant detail so that the team can help you efficiently.
    2. We recommend you send the link with your RV you are referring to and the Booking ID 
    3. What is my Booking ID?

If you have any questions in regards to our Solution Section or any of the individual questions please contact our Customer Support Team in your country