View your Premium Membership Account 

When you need to change your Premium Membership details - you can update your details through the Camplify dashboard.  We use a Payment portal called Chargebee, it's secure and we have integrated it into our site. 

When you are in the Premium Membership Portal you can:

  • Change your Credit Card
  • See all Subscription 
  • RV Information
  • See all billing history 

How to access your Billing History

  1. Go to your "dashboard"
  2. Click on your "profile picture"
  3. A drop down will appear with "Premium Subscription"
  4. Click this and then a pop up will appear from "Chargebee" -our payment portal
  5. Log in with your Chargebee information - or use forget password if you can't remember
  6. Then you will be able to see your card details and subscriptions
  7. You can change the plans you are on, change to Annual membership, Change account details, add RV information, change your rego etc
  8. This is an example of a New Zealand owner with two RV's on Premium Membership. 

If you are updating your credit card, give Camplify a quick call to let them mark this as the primary card, otherwise, next month it will try the old card again.

If you need more help, please give the Customer Success Team a call - 1300 416 133