In March 2020, COVID 19 forced Australia into a Nationwide lockdown.

Camplify advocated for our Premium Members and negotiated a reduced price Premium Membership - "Hibernation Plan". The Hibernation Plan was a limited-time offering and available until June 2020 when border restrictions eased and owners were able to resume hiring out their RV's through Camplify. 

We understand that as new COVID outbreaks are reported, there is a demand for Hibernation to be reinstated. 

Camplify has spoken with our Insurers and they are currently not offering to reinstate the Hibernation Plan.

We have discussed the need for owners in hot spots affected by COVID 19. Hirers are able to choose other RV's in areas that are not impacted and we can't roll out the plan on an individual basis.

We have asked about the possibility of State-wide lockdown, however, there is no current clause or plan in place to reintroduce if new lockdowns occur.

If and when State-wide or Nation-wide lockdown occurs, Camplify will again advocate for our members and see if new offerings are available. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee any reduce prices to Premium Membership in the future. If this changes, rest assured that Camplify will communicate these changes with you promptly.

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