Definition of Berth
Describes the number of people the specific vehicle can sit and sleep. 

It is very important to correctly list the amount of berth. This assists hirers when deciding on the most suitable option for their family holiday.

You must set clear expectations from the beginning. We advise owners to list the smaller details of bedding arrangements in there listing. Make sure there are no hidden surprises on arrival, which is great for customer service and reviews.

Owners are required to list both Internal and External Berths within their listing.

Internal Berth/s: Mostly referring to an adult full-sized beds, many will refer to a smaller dinette bed and specify in their listing.

External Berth/s: These are usually described for stretchers in an Annex. If you are advertising External Berths you as the owner must have stretchers and beds available.

How to determine your berth?

  • If you have a small dinette that converts to 5th Berth. Note 5th Bed is suitable for Children under 10
  • If you have a van with shorter bunks. Note Bunk Beds are suitable for under 5ft
  • If you have East to West Bed in your Van. Note Van is suitable for under 6ft
  • Consider in Campervans or Motorhomes, they may be beds, but where will they sit seatbelted on the trip?

To Update your Listing:

  1. Log into your Dashboard
  2. Click on "Manage"
  3. Click on "Listing Details"
  4. "Save"

What does it look like for an owner and a hirer?



If you are unsure regarding your vehicle Berths or have further questions please pop our
Customer Service Team a call on 1300 416 133.

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