No, you need to complete the checklists live on the app. 

Our back up is to use the email form sent to you. 

The offline option is only available in extreme circumstances. 

FAQ - How do I do the Pre-Hire Checklist?

FAQ - How do I do the Post-Hire Checklist?

If you are absolutely unable, then you can complete an offline checklist.

If you are unable to complete at the time of hire and the Camplify team have referred you to this FAQ.

Offline Checklist

If you NEED to do an offline checklist

  1.  Download the Pre and Post hire Checklists - attached below
  2. Print our offline PDF form - attached below
  3. Fill it out with the hirer at the "Handover"
  4. Attach the form to an email and send to 
    1.  Write Subject - "Offline Pre and Post Hire Checklist for Booking ID X"
    2. You will need to include the hirers name and their booking ID as part of the email. 
    3. You will need to attach the images to the email