If you wish to apply a Discount or a Promotion Price to any Bookings you can call The Customer Support Team on 1300 416 133 and they will adjust your costings. 

You are able to amend bookings:

  • Pick up earlier
  • Extend the trip
  • Add extra products
  • Change the Relocation Fee
  • Reduce the overall price - discounts and deals

Both, Owners and Hirers must communicate about the booking changes through the Camplify messaging platform. This helps Camplify staff, so that when a request is made to change the booking we are able to amend it immediately. 

How to Amend a booking

If you require an URGENT change, the owner must phone our Customer Support Team on 1300 416 133

If your Booking is more than 14 days away NON-URGENT you can submit a request through this contact form -https://www.camplify.com.au/contact

You will need to provide your Booking ID, Contact Details for the team