The marketing team works tirelessly to drive potential hirers to your listing to book their dream holiday. 

This marketing effort is spread across various channels including Facebook and Google. We also attend Caravan and Camping shows,  are on the TV, newspaper, magazines, on podcasts - all advertising to get you more bookings.

There are various things that YOU can do to attract more bookings.

Start marketing your van!

Follow our tips in this course to make an excellent listing. We drive traffic to you, so make sure your listing is excellent and you have the best chance of converting it into a booking. Without a strong listing, all the marketing in the world won't make a hirer choose your van. 

All owners are able to call the Customer Success Team, who can check your listing to increase conversion and discuss the latest strategies.

Upgrade to our Premium Member community to grow.

Only Premium Members are eligible to be enrolled in the Advanced Owner Course and receive a downloadable Marketing guide. We cover how you can grow your business through digital marketing, paid advertising, cards, flyers, and even your own website.

Call 1300 416 133 and ask for the Customer Success Team.