You have full control of every booking request for your van. Through our system, you approve or decline every request. This means that you have the final say on EVERY hiring request. If you don't feel that someone is qualified to hire your van, you don’t have to accept the booking.

Key Terms:

  • "Pending" - an enquiry and has not confirmed the booking.
  • "Approved - Unpaid"- You agree the hirer is able to take the trip, your calendar dates will be BLOCKED out for this period. Camplify sends an email to the hirer to pay the deposit of 25% to confirm the booking.
  • "Paid" - The hirers booking is paid and confirmed.
  • "Declined"or "Not Now"- You have turned down their request
  • "Cancelled" - Either the booking was approved, paid and later cancelled by the owner or hirer. Or the pending booking was cancelled by the hirer.
  • "Completed" - The hirers booking has ended and you are able to review them

How to "Decline" or say "Not now"


  1. Login to your Camplify App
  2. Go to "Bookings" on the bottom menu
  3. Select "Pending"
  4. You will see "Approve or "Not Now"
  5. Click "Not Now"


  1. Click on "View the booking Request"
  2. Click the red "Decline" button at the top
  3. Select a reason and "save"