What is the payment process for Hirers

  1. Request to book - no payment or charges, all fees are displayed
  2. Add extra products offered by the owner -  no payment or charges, but all fees are displayed.
  3. Remember a 'day' is a full 24 hour period and you and the hirer decide on pickup times.
  4. Once "Approved" by owner
  5. Email sent to the hirer
    1. Email send and Hirer is asked to pay Camplify
      1. Outside 30 days = 25% deposit
      2. Inside of 30 days = Full payment
  6. They go to "Make a payment"
    1. Payment gateway asks if they would like to apply any Camplify Credit
    2. Payment gateway asks if they would like to reduce their Accident Excess
  7. They add credit card details and pay
  8. Confirmation email and notification is sent

FAQ - How do I make a booking with Camplify?

Booking Fees
Hirers are charged a 15% 'Booking Fee' on all bookings on the Camplify platform. The booking fee includes 24/7 phone support, nationwide Roadside Assistance and a 
Payment Protection Guarantee. When a hirer makes a booking, this amount is shown on their booking request as part of the total cost. It's currently not shown on the owner side of the booking to avoid confusion about who is paying or receiving the amount.

Accident Excess Reduction
Hirers are able to reduce their Accident Excess before they confirm payment on each booking. The amount that they are liable is dependant upon their RV type chosen for the booking. The options are charged as a daily rate and are all optional.

Find out more https://www.camplify.com.au/accident-excess
FAQ - Can hirers reduce their Accident Excess?
FAQ - What is my Accident Excess as a hirer?

External to Camplify

Optional Travel Insurance

Hirers are able to bring their own Travel Insurance, but we currently don't sell it.