Camplify validates potential hirers

 We appreciate that hiring out your RV has risks, so we take verification very seriously.

1. Camplify verifies their identity

We ask all hirers to create a Camplify account before they can submit a booking. We run all their information through an Identification process, which checks them for correct information, current license, and fraudulence.

New Hirers upload: Full name, email, phone number, and license information.

Existing Hirers are already verified and we then have a record of all their previous bookings and reviews from other owners.

2. Owners seek more information

We ask owners to be diligent in checking hirers, as the owner is ultimately responsible for who they hire the RV to. We have already discussed questions that you can ask your hirers and these go a long way in helping be confident in hiring. 

We recommend you check for all drivers, as all drivers need an account to be verified and given authority to drive on the trip.

3. Camplify sends you their personal information

When the hirer has paid and in the week leading up to the booking, we send you an email with the hirer's personal information and previous reviews.

4. Owners check the license in person

We ask you to look at this information and check it against their physical licence at the handover. The Pre-hire checklist asks you to take an image of their license and keep it on file incase of claims. You can also add additional drivers licenses too so you are covered.