In the days/weeks leading up to the hire, you'll need to ensure that the RV is in good condition, clean and prepared for the hirer.

Consider this list for best practice:


  • Check engine oil and top up fluid levels 
  • Check tire tread is safe
  • Check brakes and lights are working
  • Serviced within 10,000kms


  • Check all winding mechanisms are working
  • Check battery is charging properly
  • Check all electrical appliances to make sure they're working


  • Clean internally and externally

  • Provide a dustpan and broom, cleaning equipment, chemicals for the toilet, cloths so that your hirer is well equipped to maintain cleanliness.


  • Park the RV in a spot with lots of space so that you can easily demonstrate things and the client can tow/drive the RV away easily.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to do the handover with the customer. Do not rush. 
  • Ensure that the gas bottles have sufficient gas and/or you're aware of the levels
  • Ensure that the motorhome/campervan has a full tank of fuel

Check your Handover Information:

  • Make sure your mobile is charged so that you can complete the pre-hire and post-hire checklists via the Owner App
  • Have a demonstration routine so that you are consistent each time.
  • Write out an itemised checklist of items and make sure they're in the van before the hirer arrives

DOWNLOAD our pre-departure-check lists for owners and hirers