Camplify is purpose-built to be safe, secure, and easy for hirers and owners.

It is imperative that all bookings go through the Camplify system in order to be covered by Insurance, Roadside Assistance, customer support and abide by our terms and conditions. 

We understand that you may communicate with your hirer 'offline' (outside of Camplify), maybe via mobile, Facebook Marketplace Ads, email, etc. In these cases, best practice is to compile the final agreed discussion with your hirer and add it to the Camplify booking as a note, This way, you've documented everything on the system, in case issues or damages arise. 

Our Insurer will find it difficult to help you with a claim if there isn't clear evidence to support.


Following any phone call or face-to-face chat that you have with a customer, make a note on the booking stating

"Hi [Name], as discussed on the phone, the arrangements are X".