Now that you've received your booking request, you need to reply to your potential hirer. The best owners on Camplify will respond within 1 hour of receiving a booking request. 

In a peer-to-peer sharing environment, communication between parties is extremely important. As the RV owner, YOU are the expert when it comes to using YOUR vehicle. As such, you'll need to use your knowledge and experience to help determine whether someone is suited to the requirements. 

You should have already set up your "Booking Message to Hirer".  This encourages hirers to answer in their initial request.

If they provided no information - use these questions. 

Examples of Questions to hirers:

  • Who will be driving?
  • What is your phone number?
  • What is the purpose of your trip? Holiday, event, try before you buy or something else?
  • Can you please confirm the number of guests?
  • What are your proposed check-in/check-out times (if known)?
  • What is your travel itinerary?
  • What is your age (for insurance purposes)?
  • What is your level of experience driving a vehicle of this type?
  • What is your level of towing experience? 
  • What is your tow vehicle?
  • Do you have an Electric brake controller? 
  • Do you have 7 pin flat? 12 Round? Anderson plug?
  • What attracted you to our van?
  • Do you have any questions about the van?


How to message your hirer:


  1. Login to your Camplify App
  2. Go to "Bookings" on the bottom menu
  3. Select the hire based on "Pending, Upcoming and Past"
  4. Click "Message Hirer", which will open a conversation with the hirer
  5. There is a large area to write a response
  6. Click "Send" when complete


  1. Login to your Camplify "Dashboard"
  2. Go to "Bookings" on the top right-hand side
  3. Go to the booking, it's arranged based on the status of the booking - "Pending, Approved, Paid, Completed"
  4. There will be a large area to write a response
  5. Click "Send" when complete


Camplify will send you an email message when the hirer messages you on Camplify. You must NOT reply to this message as it goes to Camplify Support, and not your hirer.

  1. Click on the link in the message 
  2. It will open the Camplify "Booking"
  3. Then as normal, there will be a large area to write a response
  4. Click "Send" when complete