When a hirer decides on your RV, you will be sent a "Booking Request", that comes through as a "Pending" booking. You will automatically receive a text message, email, app notification, and the request will show on your Camplify Dashboard. 

The new app will send you a push notification. We will also currently send a text and email prompt you to go to Camplify, they outline basic details and a link to respond to the hirer.


  1. Camplify will send you a notification when you have received a "Pending" booking.
  2. You can then go to "Bookings" 
  3. Click "Pending" to see the specific request. 
  4. You can click "Approve" or "Not now"

Text Message


"Hi Jimmy,

Great news! You've just received a 10 day booking request from Jane Smith for your RV 'Jerry the Jayco'.

Requested dates: 16/03/2019 - 26 /03/2019.

To secure the booking please respond ASAP.

Here's a link to the booking request:

The Camplify Team

For assistance please call 1300 416 133"

See the "Booking Request" on your Dashboard 

  1. Go to your Camplify Dashboard
  2. You will see a notification " You have a pending booking request"
  3. You can also click on 'Bookings', to see all of your "Pending" booking request(s):
  4. When you click on 'View Booking Request', it will reveal all of the booking details.