Pricing Strategies

While pricing is completely up to you as the owner, here are some suggestions as to how you can approach your pricing strategy. Some owners keep it simple, others play around with the variables. Remember it's not only about what you would like to earn, but also about what the market is willing to pay.

1. Check out your local competition

Research what's available in your area and find vans with multiple reviews, then consider;

  1. What are they charging?
  2. What is included in their offering?

Be sure to justify your price by providing an excellent product and great customer service. 

2. Seasonal Pricing

Camplify offers flexibility to change your pricing based on calendar dates. Most owners will view pricing based on peak periods. A general rule of thumb that we recommend is to only increase your 'default' pricing by around 10-15% for shoulder and 30% for the peak. 

Example: $100 off-peak = $115 shoulder = $130 peak 

Off-peak (default) pricing:

This rate is the default pricing that the hirer sees. You want to keep this rate competitive so that you encourage more hirers to click on your listing. We recommend that your default price isn't drastically lower than your peak prices so they are not surprised and leave your listing. 

Shoulder (mid-season) pricing:

Shoulder or 'mid-season' pricing is useful for those times of the year that are just either side of the peak times. It's still a great time to travel and the price can be 10-15% higher than the default.

On-peak (high-season) pricing: 

Most owners set pricing higher for the following periods:

School holidays (if you've got a family-friendly RV)

Public holidays

Local events

Christmas, NYE, and Easter

Try our pricing calculator 

3.  Minimum Days

We encourage owners to set a minimum 2 days, so that you receive the most number of bookings. You are able to decline any that don't suit you. More booking requests = more potential income.

Some owners have experienced more bookings since we move the days, others are experimenting with reduced prices or deals to encourage weekend bookings. We are seeing that repeat hirers are inclined to push back, but new hirers love it. So please encourage repeat bookings and help your hirers.

FAQ - Why am I charged per day? 

 4. Service fee

The service fee is a one-off fee per booking, which covers:

Cleaning the RV

Restocking gas, water, pantry, tea, and coffee

It creates a small reserve for minor breakages like plates and equipment

It's rare that a service fee should be above $100 and most RV owners will have a service fee of around $50-80. 

Another approach is to remove the service fee and include these costs in your daily rate.

3. Extra Products

You can offer additional products that a hirer can select before they place a booking. This is an incremental way to make money where your hirer chooses their adventure.

We have over 20 items including; "Bike Rack", "Airport Delivery" and "Clean the RV for Me - Toilet included" and more!

Most owners offer - 

Early Pick up and late drop off- $20 each

Pet Cleaning Fee - $30

RV Delivery and set up 100kms - $100

4. Relocation Fee

If you have Owner Drop Off you will set a Per KM Price to deliver the RV.  Most owners average at $0.75 - $1 per Km FAQ- how-much-should-i-charge-for-relocation-fee

5. Linen 

You can choose to include, exclude, or charge for your linen.

We recommend charging no more than $10 per bed. At it's most basic this is for sheets, but many owners will include blankets, pillows, and towels too. FAQ-do-i-need-to-provide-linen

6. Additional Kilometre Charge - DRIVE ONLY

Many Drive only vehicles will travel long distances, rapidly increasing the frequency of needing a maintenance check. So many owners will charge for additional km's during the Pre and Post Hire checklist.

If you choose to charge, then try 20-30c per KM after 1000kms of driving. Other owners will place a restriction of 200km per day in driving to compensate.

7. Offer 'deals' or specials

Consider offering a special price to grab the attention of prospective hirers. We are currently developing more ways to offer promotions, discount codes and offers. For now, you can write these on top of your Camplify Listing in the "Describe your RV" section. Then you can manually add the deal after they submit a request. 

Consider is there a popular event coming up?

Are you looking to attract longer bookings? 


Book 6 nights and get your 7th for FREE

Book 10 nights for 10% OFF 

Hamper included in Off-Season bookings

Winter Warmer Package - Doona, pillows, throw included

Thank you to Bush Fire Relief / Essential workers - "Gift a weekend away to an essential worker" 

How to: Call Camplify on 1300 416 133 to manually amend