Before a hirer can put in a request, they will select dates, select extra products, and then you can ask them a number of pre-set questions in our "Booking message to hirers".

When you're writing your booking message, consider what information YOU need as an owner from the hirer to be sure they are a good fit. Great answers to your questions should help you reduce the time needed in communicating before you can approve the booking and receive payment. Fast booking for hirers is very desirable.

Questions to ask your hirers

If a hirer doesn't answer these questions when they start a booking, then you can ask them any time in messages.

1. We recommend that all owners have this in their message:


Thank you for choosing our RV for your trip!

Provide the name, age + phone number of all drivers.

Where are you going? What is the purpose of the trip?

What time do you hope to pick up/drop off?

Do you plan to travel on any unsealed roads?

Please note: Payment of a deposit is required within 48hrs of your booking being approved, otherwise I may cancel it. 

If you have questions, please message me on Camplify.

Owner Name ( owner phone number)

2. Then add more questions based on your specific needs


How many km's do you estimate for the total trip?

What is your level of experience driving a vehicle of this type?


What is your level of towing experience? 

What is your towing vehicle?

Do you have an electric brake controller? 

Do you have a 12 or 7 pin trailer connection?

Do you have an Anderson 12 Volt connection on your tow vehicle?

If requesting drop-off, please provide the address of your drop-off location


If you are requesting a pet, how old are they, what is their experience traveling?

How to edit your "Booking Message to hirers"


  1. Click on 'Manage' from your Camplify Dashboard.
  2. Click 'Edit' next to the 'Booking message to Hirers' section
  3. Add your required text and then "Save" your changes. 
  4. Messaging afterwards can be done through "Bookings"
  5. "View booking request" then write your message and "send"


  1. Go to "Bookings" on your Camplify dashboard or app
  2. Click on "Message hirer"
  3. Write your message and "send"