There are 3 ways to hire out your RV. When you signed up, you were asked to select a 'Hiring type'. We have 3 methods of hiring out your RV: Tow / Drive, Owner Drop Off, and Onsite. 

1. Drive / Tow

The hirer will pick up the RV from your place or an agreed location.


  • You must ask if they have the correct type of license - Manual, Heavy, Mid Range
  • You may want them to hook up the tow in front of you or drive around the block


2. Owner Drop-off

The owner will drive and deliver the RV off, set up and return to pick up at the end of the hire.


  • Reduces the risks of a towing related damage
  • Hirers may not have the appropriate experience, towing vehicle or license - but they won't need it if it's staying in a caravan park
  • You can make money from setting up the RV as an "Extra Product"


  • You will need to do a handover in person at the location specified
  • What is the distance you're prepared to travel? Most owners will drop off around 50-100km. If drop-off is your only option or you're isolated, we recommend you increase this radius to above 200km to attract more bookings. 
  • How much will you charge? You can set a"relocation fee".  We recommend $0.75 per km. You charge for the distance that the van is required to be towed from your place to the location and back again. Note this is 2 x distance, not 4 x distance. You set this amount to the hirer in the booking request.

3. On-Site Booking

The onsite hire type allows for scenarios whereby the hirer stays at your property. It is mainly applicable to owners of fixed onsite caravans located at caravan parks. 

How to choose your RV Type:

  1. Click on 'Manage' on your Owner Dashboard
  2. Scroll down to the "Hire Types" section on the right side
  3. Click "Edit"
  4. Select your hire types
  5. Click "Save Changes" on the bottom right