You will need to provide all of the following information before you can be paid.

Private Information

  • Full Name 
  • Mobile number (We text you about new bookings)
  • Email address (We email you about bookings)
  • Date of birth 
  • Bank Details (To pay you)
  • License details 
  • Motoring Body Information (NRMA)
  • Home address

Public Information - Appearing on each of your Listing/s

  • First name
  • A portrait profile picture of the owner/s
  • Self-description - Write about yourself, family, and why you love traveling. 

If you are operating as a Business

  • Business Name
  • ABN
  • Website
  • Profile Picture of the Account Manager OR your Company Logo

How to update your information:

  1. Login to your Camplify Dashboard
  2. Click on the image icon on the top right corner
  3. Go to "Account Details" 
  4. Edit your information in each section, add it all 
  5. Click "Save" to keep your changes

Can I have two people named as the account owner?

Yes, you may decide to combine the name with your partner e.g. John & Jane Smith