We require accurate information

In a peer to peer marketplace, accuracy is particularly important to create trust with hirers. When we refer to 'accuracy', we're referring to what is depicted in your advertisement VS what the product/service depicts in real life. Accuracy is imperative and is a requirement from the ACCC. 

We will specify in this course what information we expect, where to put it and how to update it. 

Here are some things that you need to ensure when it comes to accuracy on Camplify: 

1. Owner Information:

We collect both private and public information from you. We will verify these details.

2. RV specifications:

TOW - Add your towing weights and dimensions, special licenses and towing equipment

DRIVE - Is there a special license required to drive the RV? Add your transmission, vehicle height, fuel consumption, etc 

3. RV location:

It is imperative that you list your RV in the most accurate location, as this address is what your hirer will be provided for pick up.

Some owners will list the RV in the nearest town centre to increase their rank in search. If you choose to do this, you MUST write this on your listing, in your messages to your hirer before it's time to pick up. 

4. Your Calendar Availability:

Hirers search with dates in mind, if they go to the effort of booking and your RV isn't available, but not blocked off in the calendar. This will waste time and frustrate hirers.  FAQ - how-do-i-update-my-pricing-and-availability

5. Photos:

You will need to upload 10-20 images of your RV to show it's capabilities and features. We do not allow stock images. We recommend you take photos when you are on holiday and it's all set up, just like a hirer would imagine.