We have launched our Camplify App:

The app is mandatory for all Camplify owners, it's used on every hire for the Pre and Post Hire Checklist. The app asks you to take images of the RV condition, at the time of each handover with the hirer.

We will discuss how to use the app throughout the course.

Here are the current features on the app:

All bookings display - name, dates, amount and status 

  • Each booking allows you to complete the “Pre-hire” and “Post-hire” checklists
  • Message your hirers in the “Messages” section 
  • Enable “Notifications” to get a notice when you need to get a pending booking, new message or need to complete a checklist
  • This is our first iteration of the app and we will continue to update with new features!

New Features coming:

  • Edit your bookings for new dates and prices
  • Edit your RV’s 
  • Edit your profile

Download the Camplify App NOW:

  1. Go to the App Store or Android Play Store
  2. Search “Camplify” and download the app
  3. Log in with your Camplify login information 
  4. If you have issues call us on 1300 416 133

Tell us your feedback on the app: https://camplifyforms.typeform.com/to/iNRcPESb