The Bug tracking platform has been directly integrated into your Camplify Dashboard. 

Once you have purchased the unit, your GPS tracking information will be entered into your Camplify account. 

How to login to see your GPS Tracking 

  1. Login your Camplify dashboard
  2. Click on your profile photo
  3. A drop down will appear, click "GPS Tracking"
  4. A pop up will open from Telematics (GPS Provider)
    1. You can also go direct to - 
  5. You will then need to login with your Camplify username + password
  6. If you can't login, use the 'Forgot your password' function and reset it
  7. When you are logged in, you will see the 4 functions of the GPS unit.

Live Tracking

  1. You can click on "Live Tracking" to see where the RV is located now

On hire - You will see a green active dot with last known location - updated every 60 seconds.

At home -  You will see a red inactive dot with parked location - updated every 5 minutes when stationary.

The GPS works via cellular communications with 3g modem.
98% of Australia covered at 850/900/2100 Mhz. If the unit goes off the cellular network the position will be stored and uploaded once a signal is received.

Each GPS unit is linked to a specific RV. It will appear on the tracker using the RV ID from Camplify. 

To find out your RV ID, look at the full URL listing of your RV on Camplify. The ID will be the digits at the end. 


RV ID: 3504

Direct link:  


  1. You can click on "History" to see where the RV has been
  2.  A drop down will appear with several options.
  3. Click "Map View"
  4. Then go to the top left and click "History" 
  5. Then click "Point History Map View"

  6. This will open your current RV location 
  7. Use the date range on the right-hand side to navigate between recent trips and locations.


Each new 'Bug' that is bought through Camplify will be added to your account. It will appear in the 'Assets' Section and will be identified by RV ID + RV Name on Camplify.