The 'LadyBug' is a compact, reliable GPS tracking device that has been designed for vehicles to have the ability to successfully locate your vehicle, this is a great on hand feature to have during an RV's hire period. 

This getting started guide is only for the 'LadyBug' cellular version which comes in 4G Cat-M1/Nb-IoT.

The 'LadyBug' has the capacity to hold 48000 records in it's memory in case the unit moves out of reception. These records won't be removed until a successfully confirmed received by the end server has been transmitted.

What is included in the box? 

You'll get a compact box containing the tracker. The 6 housing screws will be in a small packet inside the housing.

How do I install it?

The tracker can be mounted on the asset to be tracked using screws, bolts, cable ties, or industrial adhesives. When choosing a mounting point, you have two competing goals:

  • To minimise the chances of the device being accidentally crushed or dislodged.
  • To maximise the GPS and mobile reception and provide adequate ventilation.

Since the tracker is a Hardwired device, reception is critical to its performance. This device will come with three options in regards to the installation;

- via USB

- via automobile auxiliary power outlet

- Via hardwire to the battery direct. 

We recommend using the supplied wires to install the unit to the battery. (Please see attached PDF) 

If possible, choose a mounting point that will not result in elevated temperatures.

For instance, mounting the tracker in direct sunlight on the dash of a non-ventilated cabin may cook the batteries, leading to an abnormally short service life.