All Camplify Vans are strictly prohibited to go off-road unless you have received permission in writing from the owner to take that van off-road, and they are aware of the destination and route you are travelling.

Camplify encourages both owners and hirers to be aware of Camplifys Off-Road Terms and Conditions and complete our OFF-ROAD Checklist at the time of handover. This is an additional document to the pre-hire checklist and assists in providing both our owners and hirers with clear expectations whilst the van is on hire.



Off-road bookings come with a greater risk of damage occurring. We remind you that hirers are liable for all costs if there is damage to the below:

  • to the underbody of the RV

  • to the overhead of the RV

  • as a result of partial or total immersion in water

  • as a result of your lack of care or negligence when driving off-road

  • as a result of wear and tear (sandblasting, debris, stone chips, sandust and associated materials connected with travel on off-road surfaces)

Please Note: if you are going off-road, Standard Accident Excess of $4500 per event of damage will apply.

This Accident Excess will still apply even if it is not your fault given the van is in your care whilst on hire. 

To see how you can reduce your Accident Excess please see

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