Use your own rental insurance or take advantage of one of Camplify’s fully comprehensive insurance solutions. 

1. Bring Your Own Insurance

If you would prefer to use your own Insurer, please ensure you have confirmed cover for hire use on our platform.

  • You will be charged 7% commission on all of your bookings to Camplify through the "Listing Fee"
  • You will need to make sure that your policy includes "Hire Coverage".
  • You will list your Insurance details on your "Account Settings"

2. Flexible Membership

Camplify Flexible Members have fully comprehensive insurance for hire use only, for a maximum of 50 hire days per financial year (restarting on 1st July each year).

  • You will be charged 11% commission on all of your bookings to Camplify through the "Listing Fee"
  • You will be sent an email reminder / notification after 30/50 days using our Flexible Membership

3. Premium Membership

Camplify Premium Members have cover for both hire and personal use, and have unlimited usage whilst their membership is active. The Camplify Premium Membership has been designed for individual van owners, and existing van hire businesses, who want to hire out their vans more frequently and more efficiently. 

  • Fully comprehensive rental and personal cover
  • Direct access to the Premium Member support team
  • Featured on Camplify’s tourism page for your area Example 
  • Prioritized to hirers in our search results
  • 15% discount on all Camplify store products
  • Reduction in commission from 11% to 5% commission
  • You will be charged 5% commission on all of your bookings to Camplify through the "Listing Fee"
  • Prioritised for PR and media opportunities in your area
  • Receive the Camplify Advanced Marketing Guide
  • Unlimited hires on the platform

To find out more, please visit Premium Membership or

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