How to deactivate your listing

We're sad to see you go, we can help with deactivating your listing. We have chosen not to allow owners to deactivate, as there are many RV's that have upcoming bookings that need to be canceled and replacements found. Your details and information will still be active on Camplify's internal database, however, when deactivated your RV will not be searchable through our database.

If someone has saved the direct link to your RV, it will still appear. However, there will be a notification where they would usually book that says "This RV is deactivated and not available to book".

If you have upcoming bookings 

  1. Block out your calendar so that you don't receive new bookings
  2. You will need to cancel all bookings - pending, approved and paid
  3. Contact each hirer, apologise and explain that you have deactivated for X reason.
  4. Call Camplify 1300 416 133 We will manually deactivate your RV over the phone
  5. We will need to talk about the hirers with cancelled paid bookings - as we will need to help them find a replacement RV for their holiday.

If you intend to complete a few more bookings - then cancel 

  1. All steps above + 
  2. Send deactivation form and a date that you wish to be deactivated from

If you are also a Premium Member please read - How do I cancel my Premium Membership ?

If you don't have any upcoming bookings 

  1. Please contact us via
  2. Please include the full URL for your Camplify listing
  3. Share the reason for deactivation and we will manually do it for you

FAQ - Deactivate my Premium Membership + Listing