Legally, any caravan towed in Australia above 750kg GTM must be fitted with brakes.
Above 2000kg these brakes must be electric.

The most common form of brakes on Australian Caravans are electric and if you have electric brakes on your van or the van you are hiring then you are required to have an electric brake controller. This controller allows the driver of the vehicle to adjust the caravan braking pressure to suit the current road conditions.

Traditionally, electric brake controllers had to be hard-wired into the tow vehicle. This meant every time you wanted to change cars or if you were hiring a caravan, your tow vehicle also had to have a hard-wired Brake Controller Installed. These days we have options. 

Over the last 4 years Camplify have worked closely with Elec Brakes. Leading the path with Portable Brake Controller Options for not only the Caravan Industry but many commercial hire companies with heavy trailers, horse floats with heavy towing requirements.

The innovation is mounting Elecbrakes on the caravan rather than the car. Many of our Camplify owners have Elec Brakes Installed on their Caravans allowing hirers to Tow without the expensive installation costs. The system is quick easy and most importantly SAFE.

Camplify Owners Can Purchase the Unit through our Camplify Store Camplify Store

If you are looking to know more about Hiring a unit please call the team on 1300 416 133

There are multiple portable brake controllers in the market that vehicle owners may utilise during hire. If you have any questions regarding the weight of your chosen vehicle or the requirements please contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 516 133 to discuss in detail.

On the Camplify platform our owners will list the Brake Type and Requirments for their camper or caravan in the below areas of their listing. If you have any questions about the weights, restrictions or brakes of the camper or caravan it is best to ask the owner in your initial booking request and be clear on your vehicle towing capacity from the beginning. Many of our owners can run you through their process and a quick and easy 3 step process is discussed on Hand Over,

For all information regarding to Elec brakes

Alternative options if you don't have a brake controller fitted to your vehicle:

  • Select a camper trailer or caravan with hydraulic brakes. There are many alternatives also listed on the platform
  • Select a motorhome/camper van to hire to avoid towing
  • Select an owner that will drop off their caravan at your required destination so you do not have to tow