Every single hire through Camplify is covered by 24/7 roadside assistance.

In Australia, we have an exclusive partnership with the NRMA.  

What does NRMA roadside assistance cover and what should I  do if I have a breakdown?

Every hire through Camplify includes free NRMA nationwide roadside assistance. If any of the following incidents occur, our team and the NRMA will jump into action to assist you in safely getting back on the road again:

  • Changing flat batteries
  • Tyres requiring repair or changing (never attempt to change a tyre yourself)
  • Fixing a small engine problem
  • Towing required due to a van fault

What to do if you breakdown:

The process for contacting the NRMA with Camplfy is as follows:

  1. Call the Camplify number on 1300 416 133 and select option 4 for our direct line to NRMA, 
  2. You will need to have the vehicle registration number and location ready
  3. The NRMA will contact a "Roadside Assist" Patrolman to you

    NRMA will send out a patrolman to assess your breakdown problem and hopefully resolve it for you there & then. If it involves more work they will organise a tow usually to the nearest repair centre.

  4. Call Camplify and advise of your situation. You must call the RV owner before any decisions are made about where the vehicle will be towed to if required. Always consult the van owner and work together on the solution. Dependant on the repair job and the length of time it could take, they may wish for their RV to be repaired closer to home by their nominated mechanic

To find out more about how our roadside assistance product works, speak with our team or visit our information page:


1300 416 133


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