For added comfort and protection to all parties involved in the hire, all Camplify hires require a bond. The bond is $1000 that is secured against your card by Camplify - similar to a hotel. You must have enough funds in your bank account for Camplify to capture the $1000 bond 7 days before the hire until 48 hours after the hire is completed.

No money comes out of your account unless you were to damage the RV. The bond is in place to cover things like:

  • Repair costs of accidental damage that may occur during the hire

  • Cost of insurance excess if the hirer is at fault for damage over $1000 worth

  • Cost of travelling through tolled roads during the hire

  • Cost of refuelling the RV if it isn't returned as per the hiring rules

  • Cost of replacing lost items during the hire

  • Cost of cleaning the RV if it is deemed to have not been returned in acceptable condition. This depends on the arrangements of the owner's service fee and pre-hire checklist.