When your booking has been confirmed by the owner, the next step is to pay for the booking.

Camplify first requires a deposit that amounts to 50% of the booking’s total cost. All deposits are due within 48 hrs of being approved for your booking.

The final 50% of the total payment is due 30 days before your hire is set to commence. 

However, if you are booking for hire dates that are less then 30 days away, the website will collect the full amount.

In addition, the system will not accept your payment if you have not completed your full profile and if you have not uploaded a clear profile photo. Majority of our van owners would like to see a clear photo of the person who intends to hire their van.

Please view this FAQ article for more information: https://camplifyhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/228230087-GETTING-STARTED-Why-Do-I-Need-a-Profile-Picture-

Please be advised that all prices in Camplify include GST.