Here's a quick overview of Camplify's hiring process - from pre-hire to post-hire:
A. Pre-Hire

1. Sign up for a free account:

2. Look for a van that suits your dates, location and preferences.

3. Once you find a van that suits your needs, you can then request to book that van.

Tip #1: Creating a booking request allows you to know if the dates you need the van for are available. It also allows you to speak with the owner by leaving a message in the comments section of the booking request.

Tip #2: When you create a booking request, it may take the owner around 24 hours to respond to your booking request. You may create multiple requests as some van owners are more responsive than others.

4. Once the van owner responds to your booking request, if you have additional questions, now is the time to ask everything you need to know about the van.

5. The owner may approve or decline your booking request.  

6. If the owner approves your booking request then you will be notified and then you can now pay for your booking.

We highly advise you to secure your booking and pay 48 hours after the owner's approval. However, this is not a strict policy - if you need more than 48 hours to decide if you are going ahead with the booking or not, it's best to leave a note for the owner so that they will be aware that you are still making a decision. Plesae also not that our owners are also free to cancel your booking request if they do not hear from you within 48 hours after approval. They are prompted to leave a reason for cancellation once they cancel your booking.

Payment Process: For bookings that are due more than 30 days away, Camplify takes a 50% deposit and then collects the next 50% 30 days before the hire commences. For bookings that are due to start less than 30 days away; for instance, if you need to book for a trip tomorrow, the system will charge in full.

Tip #3. For security reasons, the website does not accept payments for incomplete profiles. Please add a profile picture and complete all other required fields to your Camplify profile in order for you to complete your payments on Camplify.

Important Note: Once your booking is paid and confirmd, don't forget to ask for the owner's contact info in case you need to contact them during your trip.

B. During the Hire

1. When the hire starts, Camplify will imprint a $1000 security bond which our system will "hold" until 48 hours after the hire is completed. The bond will be charged only if the van owner reports any damages. See more info for the bond here:

Tip #4. All hires are also covered by our comprehensive insurance. For more info on Camplify's top up insurance, please see this FAQ article:

2. When you pick up the van, the owner will accomplish the pre-hire checklist (a conditions report of the van before the hire) and show you around the van, give you instructions on how the van works, etc. The van owner will also take photos of your driver's licenses as well as add any additional drivers.

3. Your trip has now started. Enjoy!

Important Note: In cases of emergencies or any urgent situations, please take note of Camplify's number: 1300 416 133. For NRMA assistance, call the same 1300 number and press Option 4.

C. Post-Hire

1. When the hire is completed, you need to return the van 80% clean as when you picked it up.

2. The owner will then accomplish the post-hire checklist and ensure that there are no damages. If no damages are found, the $1000 bond will be released by Camplify. If damages are found, the van owner will work with you and Camplify and we will determine whether it is a bond claim (for damages under $1000) or an insurance claim (for damages more than $1000).

3. Leave a review for the owner and help other hirers know more about your experience with the van you just hired.